Frustrated USMNT fans make #FreePulisic trend, join together to hate on Chelsea

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Christian Pulisic is going through one of the worst moments as a footballer, the player of the United States national team has been heavily criticized by Chelsea fans and coach Tomas Tuchel does not put him to play, so USMNT asked the English team to let him leave and for that they created the hashtag #FreePulisic.

During the transfer window there were rumors that Pulisic would leave the team, finally no transfer to any team was achieved, although there were still rumors that he could go to Newcastle, but nothing has been closed yet.

With Pulisic's limited minutes for Chelsea, fans have begun to worry about the midfielder's lack of activity, especially so close to the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

The U.S. player could be out of rhythm for the World Cup finals, and he is one of the stars of the North American team. Therefore, fans are imploring Chelsea to release Pulisic so he can go to another team and get more playing minutes.

Chelsea's 3-0 defeat against Leeds sparked criticism

Fans ripped Christian Pulisic after the winger posted a shot with two of his American counterparts playing for Leeds after beating Chelsea.

Leeds beat Chelsea 3-0 last weekend with the help of American duo Brenden Aaronson and Tyler Adams.

The American international was one of a host of players Leeds splashed out on this summer.

Winger Aaronson opened the scoring for Leeds as they beat the Blues.

But that didn't stop Pulisic from posting a photo with Aaronson and fellow winger Adams after the game - much to the chagrin of fans.

Pulisic's inappropriate message led to a wave of fans calling for his immediate departure from Stamford Bridge.

One fan ranted on Instagram, "He's done with Chelsea looks," which was a recurring theme in the comments.

While another perplexed fan questioned, "We lost you know?"

And a third perplexed user said, "Glad you enjoyed your little catch up when your team is 3-0. Bad taste in publishing this guy."

A fourth even demanded that Pulisic travel to Leeds to join the pair.

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel does not take Pulisic into account, in the last five Premier League games, the American has not started in any of them. It seems that Pulisic has his time counted in the English team.

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