Todd Boehly shows his ruthlessness early in Chelsea reign

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If one thing has been made clear by the sacking of Thomas Tuchel, it is that new Chelsea owner Todd Boehly is at least as impatient as his predecessor Roman Abramovich.

By making such a swift and drastic call at this stage in the season, he has shown his ruthlessness and laid down a warning to any potential candidates for the job.

Chelsea are currently sixth in the Premier League, one point above Liverpool and two behind Manchester United.

However, three wins from six, coupled with a disappointing start in the Champions League have prompted the dismissal of a coach who won Europe's top trophy just two years ago.

To many it seems a harsh decision, as Tuchel has a very good record with the Blues. Not to mention the fact that replacing him will not be an easy task.

Two sides of the coin

In every decision there are positives and negatives.

The main negative of dispensing with the services of the German coach is the timing of his sacking.

After this transfer window, the London side's squad has been assembled according to what the coach had requested and the players he liked.

His successor will have to fit in with the squad that Tuchel had been given. The first big mistake of the new owner.

Tuchel became the only manager in the club's history to take them to the final of every tournament possible: The FA Cup, the Carabao Cup and the acclaimed Champions League. Four finals in 589 days in charge of the club.

The club's decline

Chelsea have struggled to find consistency.

The club have often prided themselves on having a solid defence, but that has been missing since last season.

In his first 50 games in charge, Tuchel's side conceded just 24 goals and had 31 clean sheets.

In his last 50 games, they shipped 53 goals, with just 18 shut-outs.

Then there's the rumours that many players were not happy with the coach's handling of the squad.

There were players who were unhappy with the positions they were being used in, and the roles and functions they were being given.

Tuchel is said to have lost approval in the dressing room and among the main unhappy players were Christian Pulisic, Hakim Ziyech, Romelu Lukaku and Timo Werner.

Interestingly, the latter two were moved on this summer.

100 games in charge

He lasted 16 games longer than Frank Lampard in the dugout.

In the Abramovich era, no manager has lasted more than 200 games at Stanford Bridge.

  1. Jose Mourinho, 184 games in his first spell and 136 in his second.
  2. Carlo Ancelotti, 109 games.
  3. Antonio Conte, 106 games.
  4. Thomas Tuchel, 100 matches.
  5. Frank Lampard, 84 matches.

Claudio Ranieri, whose tenure began before Roman Abramovich's purchase of the club, managed to reach 199 games.

Who do the new owners want to hire?

Right now it seems the leading candidate is Graham Potter, the current Brighton manager.

Chelsea have already been given the go-ahead to speak to the Seagulls boss, but they will have to pay over ten million euros to secure his release from the Sussex club.

In what could be seen as an attempt to avoid shaking things up too much, Potter is a coach who uses the 3-4-3 formation.

So the system of play, as such, would not change completely.

Another point in his favour is that he knows the Premiership and is English.

He knows how things work in the league and what it takes to win.


The second option that the owners are considering at the moment is Mauricio Pochettino, former coach of Paris Saint-Germain, Tottenham, Southampton and Espanyol.

He did not have a very happy time in Paris, having been replaced by Galtier for the current campaign.

At Tottenham and Southampton his results were positive, but when he was given the big challenge of the French club, his results were not what he expected.

He knows the league, but could he thrive in a top job?


The third candidate is none other than Zinedine Zidane.

His only experience as a coach has been at Real Madrid, where he won three Champions League titles in a row, but it is not yet known if he would be interested in coaching the Londoners.

According to English sources there is a fourth candidate, but a name has not yet emerged.

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