Premier League negotiating to impose a salary cap

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The Premier League is looking for its clubs to limit their spending on staff in order to adapt to the new UEFA regulations, a control measure that would place it at 70 percent from 2025.

This would represent a kind of 'Financial Fair Play' for the English league, which has seen player salaries skyrocket and which, in order to comply with UEFA, could start to pose a problem if it is not remedied soon.

That is why they are looking for a consensus to reach a maximum of 70 percent of spending on the playing staff, which includes, in addition to players' salaries, those corresponding to technicians, amortisation of transfers and proportional parts for agents, according to The Times.

According to the English newspaper, these measures are aimed more at Championship clubs (second division), whose spending gap has soared.

The idea is to give more money to the category (as it has been asking for since the pandemic), in exchange for more and better control of these expenses.

On average Premier League clubs spend around 55,000 pounds per week for each player.

Manchester City's wage bill for players and coaching staff in the 2021/22 season was around 220 million pounds.

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