Arsenal told to sign 'perfect' Ronaldo as Seaman says he'd 'applaud' arrival of ex-Man Utd striker

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WHAT HAPPENED? Ronaldo is now a free agent after his comments made on Piers Morgan's TalkTV caused United to part ways with the player. Seaman praised the Portugal international for speaking the "truth" in that interview, and believes that he would be a great fit for Mikel Arteta's side.

WHAT THEY SAID: "Ronaldo is far from done and he would be perfect for Arsenal," Seaman told TalkTV. "I would applaud him because he’s obviously talking the truth. A lot of the stuff he came out with, is not stuff we haven’t heard. We have heard a lot of other experienced players moaning and criticising Man United for the way the ground is and the training. That shocked me and that shouldn’t be happening. He’s been all around the world and seen how everywhere has progressed and he comes back to his beloved Man United and nothing has changed."

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Seaman's comments come amid multiple rumours regarding the forward's next destination. While it was reported that a Saudi club were willing to offer Ronaldo a mega-deal to lure him away from the Premier League, Arsenal star Bukayo Saka revealed that the Portugal international was one of his heroes growing up, which has only added fuel to the fire of a potential move to the Gunners.

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WHAT NEXT FOR RONALDO? Now a free agent after burning his bridges with United, Ronaldo will aim to be focused on Portugal's Group H opener against Ghana later this Thursday.

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