Fulham players told me they 'didn't realize how good' the USMNT was until World Cup - Tim Ream

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WHAT HAPPENED? The veteran center-back was excellent for the USMNT at the World Cup - including in a match against England - and has enjoyed one of the best stretches of his career at 35 years old.

Fulham teammate Antonee Robinson is also on the USMNT, so members of the club were attentive to how the Americans performed in Qatar.

WHAT THEY SAID: "The coolest thing was coming back from the World Cup, and the amount of people that I've talked to in the Fulham changing room who grab you, and they're like 'Whoa. Your team, we didn't realize how good you were,'" Ream told

. "We wanted to go further, don't get me wrong, but our goal was to make people realise this country, our team, the players that we have, are good players."

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Ream almost declined an invitation to be on the USMNT roster because he felt somewhat slighted at not being involved in qualifying action right before the tournament, but he is now appreciative that he took on the opportunity.

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WHAT NEXT FOR FULHAM? After besting Leeds in a USMNT showcase, Fulham are in action next Monday against Brentford.


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Will Chelsea finish in the Premier League top four in 2023?

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