The sexy English teacher who drives Premier League players 'crazy'... and their partners

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Foreign soccer players in the Premier League often hire the services of English teachers to make their adaptation to a new country easier. Learning the language of the league is considered fundamental, above all to be able to communicate effectively on the pitch with both teammates and coaches.

Sara Duque is making a name for herself as one of the most popular English teachers in the Premier League. She's a polyglot and can speak English, Spanish, German, and of course her mother tongue, Portuguese. Duque was born in Portugal and after working for several years as a lawyer in sport, she is now a dedicated "linguistic trainer", and works intimately with footballers and coaches. She uses a special formula and several memory techniques, which allow her to learn and teach the desired language at a faster pace.

Julián Álvarez, one of his students

Duque has plenty of high-profile students, including non-other than World Cup winner and Manchester City striker, Julián Álvarez. She revealed via Instagram that she was teaching the footballer and praised his application and dedication to learning English. "From lifting the World Cup to conquering a new language- my student's talent knows no bounds! Impressive progress in such a short period of time. Very proud of my student!"

"In soccer, clear communication between players is essential to execute strategies, make split-second decisions and achieve team goals. Similarly, in life, effective communication can help us build relationships, solve problems and navigate new cultures," concluded Luque.

Jealous Wags

Luque has caused quite the storm among the partners of Premier League players. According to the Argentine television program 'Invasores', several wags are jealous of her and don't want her giving classes to their partners.

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