Man Utd receive loan transfer enquires for Mason Greenwood from Turkish clubs amid internal investigation

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The 21-year-old had all criminal charges of attempted rape, assault and coercive and controlling behaviour against him dropped on February 2.

Despite this verdict, sports brand Nike are yet to re-sign with the player, while United have reportedly decided that he will take no part in their 2022-23 season.

The Premier League club will continue their own internal process before making a decision on Greenwood's future, but the player is still eligible to look for a new team.

Daily Telegraph reporter

has stated that a number of Turkish clubs have enquired about a possible loan deal for Greenwood.

The Turkish Football Federation announced last month that its winter transfer window had been extended by FIFA, following the devastating earthquake that hit the country on February 6.

McGrath notes that, aside from Turkey, other clubs whose transfer windows remain open have also made contact over a potential loan signing.

Thus far, however, United are yet to pursue any kind of deal, as their aforementioned internal investigation is yet to reach its conclusion.

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How far will Liverpool go in the 2023 Champions League?

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