Pep Guardiola apologises to Steven Gerrard after slip of the tongue [1] 0 تعليق 0 ارسل طباعة تبليغ حذف

The Man City coach had talked about Gerrard’s humiliating tumble

Pep Guardiola apologised to Steven Gerrard for talking about his slip that saw Liverpool lose the title.

The Reds were facing Chelsea but Gerrard fell over and Demba Ba scored as the Blues won 2-0.

Liverpool's title challenge fell apart and City went on to win the league under Manuel Pellegrini.

Pep mentioned the slip when trying to defend the club against the idea of having titles stripped off them by the Premier League because of financial wrongdoing charges.

"I apologise to Steven Gerrard for my unnecessary and stupid comments I said the last time about him," Guardiola said Tuesday.

"He knows how I admire him and his career and what he has done for this country I am living and training in.

"I am ashamed of myself for what I said because he doesn’t deserve it. I truly believe my comments about defending my club, but I didn't represent my club well putting his name in these stupid comments.

"I apologise. I said to him personally, but I comment publicly and have to do it here as well. I am so sorry to him, his wife, Alex, his kids and family because it was stupid."

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