WATCH: Diogo Jota & Oliver Skipp embrace in Anfield tunnel after high boot controversy in Liverpool’s dramatic 4-3 win over Tottenham

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WHAT HAPPENED? An epic Premier League encounter at Anfield on Sunday ended in a thrilling 4-3 victory for the hosts, with Portugal international Jota having the final say in the 94th minute. He was able to deliver another crushing blow on Spurs courtesy of the stoppage-time that was accrued while Skipp had a nasty head wound seen to. He eventually had to be substituted, while Jota escaped with just a booking for his studs-up challenge, and interim Spurs boss Ryan Mason was less than impressed with big decisions from the match officials afterwards – claiming that Liverpool should have lost their match winner to an early bath.

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Liverpool have posted a behind the scenes look at their dramatic clash with Spurs, with that footage including a clip of Jota and Skipp embracing in the tunnel – with the Reds frontman saying “no intention” and “sorry” before they hugged things out.

WHAT NEXT? Mason said of the incident: "Honestly, it's probably the clearest red card you will see on the football pitch. I need an explanation. It endangered the opponent, Skipp needs stitches and Jota has scored the goal when he shouldn't be on the pitch.” Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp responded with: “Ryan has to worry about other stuff. They're such a good football team, Tottenham, they have to play better football. They can't just counter-attack, they have to play better football with that team. Diogo Jota has the foot high but he's not going for the head. I heard Oliver Skipp could've had a red card. Did he speak about that as well? Wanting Diogo Jota off the pitch, worry about other stuff.”

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Who is the best No.9 in the world?

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