Neymar to leave PSG... to go to the Premier League?

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PSG is working on planning for next season and Neymar will not be in their team, provided he manages to close his departure from the club, since he has a contract until 2025 and a release clause of 250 million.

It does not seem easy to find a solution, but PSG and Neymar are analyzing all the options presented to them. There are many rumors, although the English press reported on Wednesday a possibility that could take him to Manchester United.

For Neymar to sign for United there are a number of conditions that are not easy to meet. Firstly, Qatar Bank, which is owned by the country's royal family, would have to execute its purchase of the English club, something that has not yet occurred. The American Glazer family owns United and is listening to offers.

One of the top bids is from Qatari Sheikh Jassim Bin Hamad Al Thani, chairman of QIB (an acronym for Qatar Bank). If the deal goes through, Al Thani would take Neymar to Manchester United.

It should be noted that Al Thani is part of the Qatari royal family, which in turn controls PSG, so Neymar's departure from one club to the other would not be a problem.

The Brazilian is still recovering from his injury and is awaiting everything that has to do with his future.

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