'It's impossible!' - Fulham boss Marco Silva rages at Nathan Ake goal in Man City thrashing and even Erling Haaland admits strike should have been disallowed

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WHAT HAPPENED? Ake scored a crucial goal right before half-time to put City back in front against a stubborn Fulham side. And the Londoners were furious that the goal was not ruled out for Manuel Akanji, who was in an offside position, interfering with play. The ball ran through Akanji's legs and the Swiss defender tried to kick it before it went in.

WHAT THEY SAID: "What can I say? Everyone who plays football, everyone who has some knowledge about football, 100 percent sure has to disallow that goal," Silva told a press conference. "Of course everyone has to be furious if a goal like that comes against you. For the linesman I believe it's difficult, he cannot see or not if he's in an offside position but for the VAR it's impossible to be convinced about that goal. It's clear, the player is in line with the ball the player pulled away from the line of the ball in direction of the goal and influenced completely the goalkeeper, influenced completely the direction of the ball. This is what should concern everyone in football. How that goal was not disallowed by the VAR."

THE BIGGER PICTURE: The goal crucially gave City a 2-1 lead at half-time and they went on to thrash Fulham 5-1 thanks to an Erling Haaland hat-trick. However, the Man City striker also admitted that the goal should not have stood.

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“I think it was offside as well, I feel bad for them [Fulham]. I would be fuming if I was them," he said.


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WHAT NEXT FOR MARCO SILVA? Fulham host Luton Town in their next Premier League game on September 16, when City visit West Ham.

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