Getafe boss Jose Bordalas explains decision to sign Mason Greenwood from Manchester United on season-long loan

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Greenwood sealed a late deadline day move to the Spanish side after agreeing to leave Manchester United following an internal investigation.

The investigation came after charges of attempted rape, controlling and coercive behaviour against the player were dropped in February following the withdrawal of key witnesses.

Greenwood has not played competitively since being suspended by United in January 2022 when he was arrested but will now try to resurrect his career in Spain.

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Bordalas says Greenwood will arrive at his club with "enormous enthusiasm" and he is hoping he can help him rediscover his best form at the Coliseum Alfonso Perez.

"It is a very delicate situation to trivialise this issue. Every knows what happened and the appropriate measures were taken, obviously, we can only talk about football," he told reporters.

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"Regarding the other issues, I believe that the people and the relevant authorities did what they had to do and everyone knows how it ended with a non-conviction sentence. Therefore, he is a free person, a footballer of a very high level and who arrives at Getafe with enormous enthusiasm and that we are obviously going to help him so that he recovers back to his best level.

"‘I have already commented what I had to comment. I can only speak on a football level. We all know the potential he has. He is a very young boy, he is still 21 years old and we can help him adapt to a situation.

"It’s a different league but because of the potential he has, I’m sure that if he physically reaches a good level, I’m convinced of him because of how young he is and because we’ve been informed that he obviously wants to recover his professional status and Getafe can help him in that."

Greenwood was also linked with a move to Serie A side Lazio on deadline day. Club president Claudio Lotito has blamed United for the deal falling through, claiming Greenwood wanted to make the move.

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