Mourinho 'forgets' Arsenal: City have a 51 percent chance of winning the Premier League, Liverpool 49 percent

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Jose Mourinho has once again gifted the world one of his classic jokes. The Portuguese coach was the latest guest on 'The Obi One Podcast', during which he forecast his Premier League odds and ruled Arsenal out of contention.

The podcast is a small show hosted by former Chelsea player John Obi Mikel and it has already hosted guests such as Gianfranco Zola, Roberto Di Matteo and Frank Lampard, among others.

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The former Chelsea manager, now at Roma, was asked by his former defensive pivot who were his favourites in this year's Premier League title race and Mourinho was clear about two candidates.

"I give 51% to Manchester City," Mourinho said after a few seconds of thought. "And 49% to Liverpool."

One of the podcast's contributors, Chris McHardy, jumped up in surprise and asked him about Arsenal, who are the current league leaders, after they took advantage of Liverpool's 0-0 draw with Manchester United by beating Brighton 2-0 at the Emirates Stadium.

Instantly, Mourinho replied without remorse: "Nah." The answer did not leave Obi Mikel indifferent, who began to laugh out loud.

Mourinho reflects on his time in England

The Portuguese coach looked back at his first successes with Chelsea in the Abramovich era, his tough time at Manchester United to his current adventure at Roma with whom he won the Conference League in 2022.

"The current problem for players is that they see training as simply training," Mourinho said, hinting at a changing of the times. "Before, they were like a game.

"I was unlucky at Chelsea. We were on the verge of being in two Champions League finals, but they were one of the best teams I've ever been in."

Mourinho on his two "mistakes"

Both Obi Mikel and McHardy enquried about Mohamed Salah and Kevin de Bruyne's short-lived stay at Chelsea under his reign. Mourinho didn't give either much game time when they were in their early 20s and both departed for different pastures.

Salah headed to Italy and KDB headed to Germany, but they're now both back in the Premier League and are considered two of the best players. Arguably the best two. But Mourinho has no regrets.

"They left because they wanted to," Mourinho said. "They didn't have the patience to bide their time and their career was going in a bad direction.

"De Bruyne started playing in the Premier League and, after not playing in the European Super Cup, he asked to leave."

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