In England they are fed up with Emiliano Martinez: He's embarrassing

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Emi Martinez is one of the most controversial characters in soccer and in Aston Villa's most recent he again starred in a controversial action in the final minutes by an altercation with Neal Maupay.

With emotions running high he grabbed Maupay, the Brentford striker, by the shirt to lift him off the ground while complaining about a possible foul. The incident cause the second brawl of the match and the consequent sending off of his teammate, Kamara.

As a result, criticism on social networks and in some English media, the South American was involved in the incident. It was the case of some of the tabloids in particular.

"I don't like Martinez at all," Mike Keegan said to the Daily Mail. "And yesterday was a disgrace.

"Minutes before Emi comes flying out in his area as if the world is ending after contact and then attacks a Brentford player for the same thing. Literally seconds ago you were doing the same thing."

"I think he's an idiot," Ian Ladyman added. "If I'm honest. I'm going to upset people if I say that, but I think so. He's a very good goalkeeper, but a bit of an idiot."

The anniversary of his big save at the World Cup... and another mess

The incident against Brentford came just a day before the first anniversary of Argentina's World Cup win. An ephemeris that caused English journalists to also remember the gesture he made when he received the Golden Glove award for the trophy.

Many will remember his last gasp save from Kolo Muani in the dying embers of the 90 minutes, or his saves in the penalty shootout but many also remember his action with the golden trophy.

"I thought he was an idiot for what he did in the World Cup final," Ladyman added. "And the fact that he didn't do it, he almost wore it as a badge of honor, which is pathetic.

"He should be remembered for making one of the best saves I've ever seen in a game of that magnitude. It's a World Cup final and these people (France) are losing. Have some class."

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