Premier League stars' sexual habits revealed: dungeons, cocaine, dominatrixes, toys... and a tractor

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Daily Star Sport has compiled a collection of the best sexual confessions about Premier League stars - from sex toys to post-match dungeon games.

"Premier League footballers can certainly get creative when it comes to releasing the tension of playing at the elite level. So we can't blame them for seeking pleasure and wanting to add some off-field excitement," explains Kasra Moradi.

Manchester City footballer meets a dominatrix in a dungeon after a goal

Dominatrix Mistress Estee confessed in 2021 on TikTok that she received a visit from a Manchester City player after a 7-0 win over Leeds United. According to the dominatrix, she and the footballer indulged in a passionate night of sex locked within the four red walls of her dungeon.

"Ashley Cole loves me massaging his feet... and listening to me breathing."

Cheryl Tweedy, the ex-wife of footballer Ashley Cole, spoke in 2008 about her sexual intimacies with the former Arsenal and Chelsea man.

"We lock ourselves in the bedroom and he loves me massaging his feet. I think more men prefer to hear little breaths rather than big loud screams. Otherwise you sound like a porno movie," Cheryl explained.

Victoria Beckham talked about David Beckham's intimate attributes: "Like the exhaust pipe of a tractor."

Victoria Beckham, member of the legendary Spice Girls, revealed in the past that David Beckham loves to buy her daring lingerie.

The popular singer also spoke about the attributes of the former Manchester United and Real Madrid player: "His package is huge... it's like the exhaust pipe of a tractor".

Aurah Ruiz: "I bring sex toys to Jesé Rodríguez... I am very liberal".

In 2021 Aurah Ruiz revealed in 'MtMad' details of her sex life with Jesé Rodríguez, former Real Madrid player who played for Stoke City: "I'm a fan of sex toys, I have a lot and I play with my partner with all the toys there can be. There are even some that he doesn't know about but I bring them to him. He is delighted. That's my opinion, I'm very liberal in those things but there are some people who are more bland."

Adrian Mutu confessed that he used cocaine to "improve my sexual performance"

In 2004 Adrian Mutu, at the time a Chelsea player, tested positive for cocaine. The highly-rated Romanian striker explained: "I am not addicted to drugs. I categorically deny it. The only reason I took what I took was because I wanted to improve my sexual performance. It may be funny, but it's true. I didn't take cocaine. I took something that made me feel good."

George Best caught having sex before a game

George Best was caught having sex with a woman before playing in the FA Cup semi-final with Manchester United against Leeds: "The Leeds players found out what had happened at the hotel and Johnny Giles attacked me on the pitch."

The legendary Belfast footballer is credited with the phrase: "I spent my fortune on women, booze and cars; but the rest I wasted".

Curcic: "I spent my money on women, cars and alcohol... the rest is wasted".

Serbian footballer Sasa Curcic, who in England played for Bolton, Aston Villa and Crystal Palace, was known as "the Serbian George Best".

"I also spent my money on women, sports cars and alcohol.... I agree with him that.... the rest we wasted!" admitted Curcic, who revealed his romances with celebrities such as Eva Herzigova, Naomi Campbell and Carmen Electra.

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