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The Argentine star is touted to come back to the club he left painfully a year ago

It is complex to get into Leo Messi's head because over the years we have seen that he is always several steps ahead of the rest of us mortals. Messi is silent, listens, thinks and acts off the pitch in the same way that he does when he puts on his boots. He looks at who is around him and when he receives the ball he already knows what action he will execute. It's the difference thinking faster than anyone else makes.

In these moments when Barcelona is positioning themselves to re-sign him next season, Messi has preferred not to open his mouth or comment on his position. He is waiting to see how things go until the time comes to make a decision. Messi is not in any hurry. He knows that he first has a season ahead of him, that the World Cup is just around the corner, where he has high hopes and he is taking into account that he is already 35 years old, reaching the end of his career.

It is clear that Messi's retirement is approaching and it will depend on the World Cup and how the season goes at PSG when he will decide if he goes to play in MLS, if he agrees to renew with PSG (the French club is very lucky to have a player like Messi for everything he generates), if he hangs up his boots or if he sees the option of returning to Barcelona as a good thing.

First of all, each possibility has its pros and cons. Return to Barcelona does too. On the one hand there is the sentimental aspect because Messi left Barcelona with a broken heart and healing that wound is something significant to consider. Like his children's desire to return to the city where they grew up and where they have friends.

On the other hand, there are other aspects to take into account because his departure from Barcelona was traumatic and there are many thorns that remain there. There will be people both in the dressing room and in the sports department who are less in favour of his return.

Another issue is the tension with Joan Laporta, who in the United States has already declared on a couple of occasions his desire to find a peace agreement. And for that he is willing to do anything. Messi should see that this is really the case before taking the step to come back to Barcelona.

Messi was able to say goodbye to the club but he did not say goodbye to the fans and this is a thorn in his heart, as he has stated on various occasions. Being able to return to the Camp Nou to say goodbye to the supporters that have backed him so much during his career would be another of the reasons that could pave the way for his return.

Messi still has his place in Castelldefels and both he and his family are regularly there to meet friends or or family they left in Barcelona, an example of the link that binds him to the city.

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