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Neymar liked a series of tweet criticising decision to make Mbappe penalty taker

The season has only just started at Paris Saint-Germain and there are already non-sporting issues gripping the French capital.

The latest, after the 5-2 win over Montpellier at the weekend, has arisen after some 'likes' from forward Neymar on tweets criticising teammate Kylian Mbappe. It could generate a problem in the dressing room.

Neymar was very active on social media on Saturday night, starting with liking a tweet criticising his haters, then another from the president of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro of the pair together.

"Thanks for the present, Neymar," Bolsonaro wrote alongside the image, which was Neymar giving him a football. "Congratulations for your performance tonight. With the grace of God, this will be your year. We're all supporting you."

Later began the conflict with Mbappe. The first tweet Ney shared was one that declared him "the best penalty taker in the world" after a game in which he had scored from the sport after Mbappe missed one.

"Today, in the PSG game, Neymar scored and HUMILIATED the goalkeeper (once again) taking a penalty. Mbappe, in contract, took a really bad penalty and missed. After the game, the coach said Mbappe will be the main penalty taker this season. It's absurd!" the tweet read.

The next one Neymar liked said: "Now it's official, Mbappe will take PSG's penalties. Clearly, it's a contract issue, because no club in the world that has Neymar would make him the second taker, not one! It seems that via his contract Mbappe owns PSG."

Mbappe missed a penalty in the 23rd minute at 0-0 and Neymar scored one in the 43rd minute to make it 2-0. More controversy at PSG.

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