Liverpool not giving up on dream to sign Mbappe

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Liverpool and Real Madrid are the only two clubs which have been linked to Kylian Mbappe, who has asked to depart Paris Saint-Germain in January.

Just a few months after extending his deal with PSG, the Frenchman appears to be anything but happy in the French capital.

Meanwhile, Liverpool have been interested in signing Mbappe since he was still a Monaco player.

The Liverpool-Mbappe relationship

Liverpool's interest in Mbappe dates back more than five years, when the Frenchman was a teenager at Monaco.

The English media revealed at the time that the club discussed with the talented striker about a potential move to Anfield and the Reds stepped up their interest from there.

In fact, it is believed that 'Fenway Sports Group' boss John W. Henry took the player's family for a private jet ride over the bay of Nice for a couple of hours while discussing his future.

However, Liverpool didn't make any official offer and Mbappe opted for PSG.

Three years ago, there were more reports linking Mbappe to Liverpool after Jurgen Klopp's side won the Champions League in Madrid.

As happened previously, there was nothing concrete between the two parties.

Mbappe's mother's favourite team

After renewing his contract with PSG back in May, Mbappe discussed the subject in an interview with Daily Telegraph about Liverpool's interest in signing him.

"I talked to Liverpool because it's the favorite club of my mum, my mum loves Liverpool," Mbappe said.

"It's a good club and we met them five years ago. When I was in Monaco I met them. It's a big club."

PSG would only be interested in selling the Frenchman to Liverpool, with Mohamed Salah potentially being included in the deal as makeweight.

What makes the move complicated is the high salary that Mbappe earns at PSG.

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