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The player has not yet made his mind up but his family are keen on the proposal

Kylian Mbappé is continuing to unravel the mystery of his future. The Paris Saint-Germain striker, who is set to leave the club after refusing to renew his contract, has a historic offer from Saudi Arabia on the table that would make him the highest-paid footballer in history. The soap opera is entering its most decisive weeks ...

The player remains adamant that he wants to complete the final year of his contract with PSG, although the Parisian side are not contemplating this option without a prior extension of his link with the club. The player's refusal to extend his contract means he will have to leave this summer.

The best teams in the world have taken advantage of the situation to evaluate the possible signing in an operation that would reach record figures. One of the most surprising offers in the last few days has been from Al-Hilal, who are preparing a historic offer for the Parisian striker.

Huge offer

The Saudi side have offered PSG €300m, a pharaonic amount, as his salary could also be. Mbappé would be covered in gold at Al-Hilal, with a contract worth 200 million euros net per season, an amount that could rise to 700 million with the transfer of image rights. 

The player is contemplating the possibilities he has on the table, although he has not yet made a decision on his future. His family, however, seem to have done so, and are prepared to accept Al-Hilal's proposal in all respects.

The information, provided by the media "AlArabiya," suggests that the family of the Parisian striker would be ready to accept the offer and are waiting for Mbappé's decision, who has not yet made his mind up. The player knows that he will have to finalise his decision in the next few days to prepare for the new season as soon as possible. Excitement is running high...

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