Liverpool owners FSG turn to media company investors to fund summer transfer business

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WHAT HAPPENED? That's according to recent information from The Telegraph, who write that such investment may be used to fund this summer's transfer window ahead of a crucial stage in the club's development. The report continues that the sale of stakes may also serve as a benchmark for Liverpool's market value, as it is believed that the £2.5 billion ($3bn) sale of Chelsea last year raised expectations among ownership groups, including FSG. Liverpool's owners announced in February that the club were examining a partial sale in the form of investment, which it seems may now be in the form of media companies.

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Thus far FSG themselves have declined to comment on the specifics of investors, although The Telegraph report that one contender could be US giant Liberty Media, who own Major League Baseball's Atlanta Braves and, more recently, Formula One, after finalising a deal at an equity value of €4.4bn (£3.6bn/$4.3bn). That would be the second deal between a Premier League club and the elite-level motorsport after Tottenham announced a 15-year partnership on Tuesday, which included plans for the construction of a new electric karting track under the south stand of their new stadium.

AND WHAT'S MORE: Liberty Media have also refused to comment on the potential investment, although if it goes through it wouldn't be the first Liverpool stakes to be sold to companies in the media. Back in 1999, Granada - then a regional franchise of ITV - bought a 9.9 per cent stake in the club worth £21 million ($25.2m). A sale to Liberty Media would also be the second significant development at Liverpool in the space of a few years, after FSG announced a 10 per cent sale to private investment firm, RedBird, back in March 2021.

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WHAT NEXT? For now, however, it is thought that stakes for sale are for the club itself, not in FSG as in March 2021, with any deal likely to take some time to go through.


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Will Chelsea finish in the Premier League top four in 2023?

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