'It's still emotional' - Luis Diaz back in Liverpool squad for Luton clash despite father's kidnapping as Jurgen Klopp explains player's decision to return

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Liverpool forward Luis Diaz was named on the bench for the Premier League on Sunday for the first time since the Colombian's parents got kidnapped.

On October 29, Diaz's parents - Luis Manuel Diaz and Cilenis Marulanda - were stopped by kidnappers when heading towards their home neighbourhood in the town of Barrancas.

The Colombian government later confirmed that the kidnapping was carried out by a militant insurgency group called the National Liberation Army (ELN).

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While the player's mother was released a few hours after the kidnapping, the search is still ongoing for the whereabouts of the winger's father.

Amid a tragedy in his personal life, the Colombian international rejoined the Reds' training earlier this week, as confirmed by manager Jurden Klopp, and was later included in the squad for the Luton clash.

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ahead of the game, Klopp said: "It's still very emotional but Luis decided three days ago that he wants to join training again. I said it before, the training ground, the football pitch is the safe place for the boys. There he can behave normal, can forget for a few minutes, at least what's going on.

"But all the signs he gets. as far as I understand, are very positive, negotiations are ongoing but it's positive and so that's why he wanted to be a part of the team and could come on as well, he trained well. From that point of view, I have no issue. But yeah, nobody can really imagine how something like that feels. But as I said, on the training ground he was fine, on the pitch he was fine so that's why he is here."

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