Luis Diaz goal proved his 'inner strength' but Alisson says Liverpool 'feel his pain' as winger awaits kidnapped father's release

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Diaz has been dealing with the kidnapping of his father by an armed gang in Colombia. Despite that, he came off the bench to score a late equaliser as Liverpool drew 1-1 away at Luton on Sunday.

"It says a lot about his character, about his inner strength," Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson said to Sky Sports.

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"Not many people [can] imagine what he is going [through] now, even as we are close to him, of course we are supporting him. We feel his pain but for him it’s a different level.

"Football sometimes in dark moments can bring joy to people, can bring joy to somebody who is struggling. And I think football is bringing a slice of joy to Lucho at this time."

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Both of Diaz's parents were kidnapped last week, but his mother was returned hours later. After scoring on Sunday, Diaz lifted his shirt to reveal a message that read: "Freedom for Papa".

The Colombian government revealed this week that the winger's father was kidnapped by the National Liberation Army (ELN).

The rebel group have since announced that they will release the kidnap victim in the near future, while one of the leaders said that they made "a mistake" by abucting him.

While Diaz will be praying for positive news regarding his father, Liverpool's Europa League trip to Toulouse on Thursday may provide him with a welcome distraction.

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