Ancelotti: Possession football is less fashionable than a few years ago

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On Saturday lunchtime, Carlo Ancelotti spoke to the media ahead of Real Madrid's Sunday match against Real Mallorca, but he also reflected on one of the goals the team scored against Celtic.

Eden Hazard's goal at the end of the game came after a move containing 33 passes, but Ancelotti explained that this is increasingly rare in the modern game.

"That goal came about because we were trying to control the game with possession and we managed to score a goal, but that was rare," he said.

"To score a goal after 10 passes is now very rare these days. That's what the stats say.

"The stats seem to suggest that it's easier nowadays to score with fewer than 10 passes.

"Football is changing and becoming more vertical, in every country.

"Possession football is less fashionable than a few years ago."

Hazard, the author of that goal, will have the chance to get on the scoresheet again on Sunday as he'll be starting in place of the injured Karim Benzema.

"Benzema won't play against Real Mallorca or RB Leipzig, then we'll see about the Madrid derby," the coach reported.

"The system will stay the same. That was the case for the rest of the Celtic game. We played well then and I hope we can do likewise tomorrow.

"Hazard did well when he came on against Celtic and I'm going to use him [against Real Mallorca].

"Maybe Hazard won't score as many goals as Benzema, but that's not what I ask of him.

"We have the resources to overcome Benzema's absence."

The coach also spoke a little more about Real Mallorca and their impressive defence.

"Real Mallorca have done well and defended well in the past few games," he said.

"They've only conceded three goals and they were all penalties.

"We'll need to prepare well for this game. I think they'll focus on defending and the counter attack."

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