Kroos: If I have to choose the perfect coach for my game, it's Guardiola

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Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos has admitted that the perfect coach for the way that he likes to play is actually Manchester City's Pep Guardiola.

The pair did actually work together at Bayern Munich for one season before the German midfielder was signed by Real Madrid, where he has played ever since and won countless trophies.

Speaking during an interview with Universo Valdano, Kroos shared numerous details about his career, the most interesting being about the Spanish coach.

"Guardiola fought until the last day for me to stay at Bayern," Kroos said.

"If you have to choose a coach who is perfect for my game, it's Guardiola. I really enjoyed my year with him, he improved me a lot.

Kroos also discussed the Real Madrid president Florentino Perez who is always in the headlines for numerous reasons. He is a man that Kroos has got a lot of admiration for.

"If we talk about Real Madrid, we have to talk about Florentino. He is the man who signed me and received me with great affection from the first day until today.

"I never remember having a problem with him, we have always been very sincere. He has always defended me and given me his trust and in the end that's what a player needs."

Goodbye to Casemiro

Real Madrid are adjusting in midfield after the departure of Casemiro to Manchester United and on that Brazilian.

"I was surprised by Casemiro's departure," Kroos said. "There are always a lot of rumours and often nothing happens.

"But when he told me I was sad, because I started to remember all the years with him and the things we won together".

November will see the first World Cup since Kroos retired from the national team.

"I won't be at the World Cup," he said, "but I'm sure that when I watch the matches in Germany I'll want to play.

"But I've already decided to leave the national team after the European Championship.

"Firstly to spend more time with my family, secondly there are now players who deserve to play more and I didn't want them to tell me that it would be better if you left.

"I want to continue at my best and the club comes first."

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