Endrick, The Campeonato Brasileirao champion keeps on growing... and so does his price tag

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Endrick is a sensation at all levels, even in the locker room of a Palmeiras team on the crest of the wave, and champions of the Copa Libertadores in 2020 and 2021.

In the squad, the progress of this teenager does not go unnoticed either, to the point that Weverton, two-time continental champion and upcoming World Cup player with Brazil, bet with him a pair of sneakers from a well-known and very expensive brand if he scored a goal... and very soon, on October 26, he lost the bet.

The Verdao gem won in style, becoming the youngest goalscorer (16 years, three months and four days) in the history of the Brasileirao... and in the process increasing the interest of his suitors.

Now he is also a Brasileirao champion at the age of 16. Palmeiras celebrated their new league title in style with a 4-0 thrashing of Fortaleza in which Endrick played a special role.

He started for the first time and was in charge of closing Palmeiras' victory by scoring the last goal of the match.

To date, there has been no formal offer for Endrick to Palmeiras, who are rubbing their hands together with every passing game.

It is not a figure of speech, but a fact: despite what transpired at the time of the announcement of the striker's first professional contract, the release clause is not 60 million euros nor is there a 100 percent sealed pact for him to leave for around 30-40 million either.

It is a yes, but no. Those 60 million euro figures are the ceiling that Endrick's price can reach depending on a series of variables for games played until the age of 18... or until an agreement for his sale.

When it was set, it was thought that his growth would not be as dizzying as what is being experienced, beating the records of Pele himself; it was then calculated that, when Europe would come calling for him, his signing would be around 40 million, but now no one dares to say anything for sure.

Currently, without open talks, it is thought that a deal would start with a significant up-front fee and bonuses that can reach the aforementioned 60 million.

He will not play for Brazil's youth team

Palmeiras' confidence in its youth player is total. In that sense, he was expected to start against Fortaleza in a match that could give the league title to Abel Ferreira's team, and he did so when it was already known that the title had been won.

The scouts from the top sporting departments kept a close eye on the game.

There are three more matches to go before the end of the tournament and it is estimated that nothing will be finalized before then, among other things because it is not in the best interest of the club and the player.

In the same line of absolute confidence, Palmeiras has refused to allow Endrick to be called up to Brazil's youth team in the first half of 2023.

The CBF already knows that he will not be in the South American Under-17, since it will be played between March and April, and he would miss the end of Paulista and the start of the Brasileirao and the Libertadores; nor in the South American Under-20, since it will take place between January and February, which would mean that he would miss pre-season.

In short, the player is seen in the entity, regardless of his young age, as a serious candidate for the starting line-up of the best team in Brazil.

Real Madrid, confident, checks all the boxes

And in the Old Continent, clubs are lining up. In the lead are Real Madrid.

Florentino Perez preferred to wait, even if it meant a greater disbursement, to undertake the operation so soon, but the reality has exceeded expectations.

From the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu the requirements are met at a theoretical level: the boy is passionate about the reigning champion of the Champions League, his idols are Cristiano Ronaldo and Vinicius Junior, the success stories of Vinicius and Rodrygo, sporting stability and economic stability.

These last two factors have Barcelona off the pace in the race for Endrick. At Spotify Camp Nou, however, they are still waiting.

At Real Madrid they are aware of the danger of other European rivals, for example PSG. Although the economic muscle of Qatar is incomparable, the money in this case will not be decisive.

Because of the profile of the signing, all serious suitors will be able to assume the necessary amounts, but instead, the sporting project will tip the balance.

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