Who is Nico Paz, the Real Madrid academy player who was fought over by Spain and Argentina?

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Carlo Ancelotti has included several youngsters from Real Madrid's youth academy in the squad to play against Cacereno in the Copa del Rey and one of them is Nico Paz, an 18-year-old Spanish-Argentine midfielder.

He is the son of an Argentine footballer Pablo Paz, who played, among others, for Tenerife and Real Valladolid, though Nico has a very different way of playing.

Pablo was a very good central defender, strong, with quality, who brought the ball out of the back well, but a defender after all. Nico is a different type of player.

He carries his father's genes, but his characteristics are completely different and so is his position on the pitch.

Nico, who made his debut in Castilla with Raul last season, is now under the orders of Alvaro Arbeloa in the Juvenil A of Real Madrid, where an injury had him sidelined at the beginning of the season, but he is now back and a very important player.

Nico Paz's Argentina call-up

His impact is such that Spain and Argentina have fought for him to play with them, since his family is Argentine but he was born in the Canary Islands.

For the moment, the Albiceleste has taken the advantage, since Lionel Scaloni included him on a squad list last March with the senior team, although he did not make his debut.

He did make his debut with the Under 20s, so his decision seems clear to play with Argentina, although the doors of the Spanish national team are also open to him.

What is Nico Paz's style of play?

Nico is a modern midfielder, an interior midfielder with an enormous range to cover plenty of ground.

He is left-footed, although he also uses his right foot when needed, and has good vision, but above all he has impressive stamina.

He drives beautifully and has a great shot from outside the box, which is crucial to the play he likes the most which is to start from the right flank, with his left foot, and then cut inside until he finds the space to shoot with his left foot or give the last pass.

Furthermore, he has goalscoring potential, in the style of Fede Valverde, although more leisurely and not so physical

Given that he is also good in the air, he is a very complete player.

In Arbeloa's youth team, together with other players like Chema, Manuel Angel or Cesar Palacios, son of the former player by the same name, he forms a great midfield.

Ancelotti already counted on him in the friendly match against Getafe a few days ago and Paz must have convinced him.

Curiously, of the youth players that Ancelotti has taken to play against Segunda RFEF side Cacereno, three are sons of players who excelled in Spain.

Lucas Canizares is the son of Santi, legendary goalkeeper of Celta, Real Madrid, Valencia and the Spanish national team, among others.

Then there is the Spanish-Uruguayan Alvaro Rodriguez, son of Coquito Rodriguez, and Nico Paz.

The latter two are still at a young age and will surely become bigger names in the future.

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