Kroos brothers hit out at 'The Best' awards: A joke of a ceremony, that's why Real Madrid didn't go

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Toni Kroos and his brother Felix already have a reputation for not biting their tongue when it comes to their podcast and their comments on FIFA's 'The Best' awards fall into that category.

The Real Madrid star and his brother have criticised the awards gala and the choice of winners in strong terms. The pair debated the worthiness of Lionel Messi and Emiliano Dibu Martinez amongst other topics.

Weight of the World Cup

Toni, for his part, was more moderate when it came to commenting on Messi. The midfielder could understand why the Argentine captain took the award this year.

"In a year like this, after the World Cup, a tournament which is always so important when it comes to these prizes," said Toni Kroos.

"He was the standout player there. So it wasn't a surprise."

Toni's brother Felix, however, was less impressed and thought that Karim Benzema would have been a more deserving winner.

"He may have been the best player at the World Cup, but even so, we're talking about a whole year," said Felix.

"I didn't think he stood out that much to have to [win it].

"It was clear Benzema should win after everything he did."

Joke awards

The more scathing comments, however, came for Messi's international teammate Martinez, who scooped the best goalkeeper award.

"It was a joke for me that the Argentina keeper was also the best goalkeeper," said Felix.

"No one knew him before the World Cup and he only won it because of the World Cup.

"I didn't even think he was that good. He made one or two good saves, especially in the final, but he didn't give the best impression of being the best goalkeeper. It was a joke of a gala for me."

And that's when Toni quipped: "That's why you looked in vain for Real Madrid at the gala."

Chasing Barcelona

The Kroos brothers also spoke about the title race in LaLiga Santander, with Real Madrid making up a very small amount of ground on their rivals at the weekend. After drawing against Atletico Madrid on Saturday, Los Blancos watched Barcelona lose to Almeria on Sunday.

"That just annoys me even more that we didn't win, that we didn't take advantage," said Toni Kroos.

"Now it's seven points, it could have been seven, but a point doesn't feel as if it was enough."

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