Real Madrid considers signing a center-back and asks Lille for Leny Loro

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Real Madrid has been studying for weeks the option of bringing forward the signing of a central defender by one year and the first on the list is none other than Leny Yoro, an 18-year-old player from Lille, but what's the situation?

Initially, the plan pointed to the summer of 2025 as the time when this move would have to be undertaken. Injuries, the logical unknowns about recoveries and the expiration of Nacho's contract, who has been offered to continue without response for the moment, have led Real Madrid's directors to begin the search for the center back who could be the chosen one.


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The sporting direction has already made some approach for Yoro, but for the moment it is considered expensive the price that the French team has set for the promising center-back, which is close to $64.5m.

Atletico Madrid's 93rd minute equalizer sparked criticism from many about what happened on the Bernabeu pitch and in the Valdebebas offices about the composition of the squad, especially in defense after the two knee injuries suffered by Eder Militao and David Alaba.

The goal came from two headers inside the box and has become the ideal scenario for questioning the squad's composition, which according to some continues to respond wonderfully to any of the adverse circumstances it is encountering throughout the season.

Both in the summer, with the injury to Militao, and now in the winter market, with the problem suffered by Alaba, the club considered that it was not the right time to make an economic effort in the face of what the market had to offer.

At Real Madrid, they believe and maintain that signings must respond to a strategy, and this was not fulfilled in either of the two previous periods mentioned above.

Good reports from Valdebebas

Many players were offered, but Real Madrid's sporting management, in agreement with the club, prefer to invest in the long term, that is, to continue with the policy of signing young talent. The young player from Lille, who was also wanted by PSG in the winter transfer window in the past, but the two clubs did not reach an agreement, fits perfectly in this line.

In the reports prepared by Real Madrid's sporting management, they speak of a player with a great capacity to evolve as a central defender, but also with the ability to play at right-back with a certain degree of confidence.

They speak of a brutal margin of improvement, but the problem is the money, a lot, that Lille is asking for being a defender and only 18 years old.

Yoro has already accumulated 32 games in the French first division and is already a starter in his own right at Lille.

Key for the U21 national team, for the moment he has not appeared for the senior team coached by Deschamps. In France, it is said that he could make the leap at any moment.

The value of the center-back on Transfermarkt is $26m and they point to him as one of the young center-backs with the greatest progression. Real Madrid, for the moment, remains cautious and waiting.

The reports, as we said, are more than satisfactory, but for the moment Lille does not agree with the client of Jorge Mendes, an agent who doesn't have the best relations with Real Madrid.

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