Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively take a romantic picture with Taylor Swift performing in Madrid

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It was a special moment for celebrities and followers all around the world and it all happened in Europe to make it even more romantic. Actor and producer Ryan Reynolds and wife and actress Blake Lively were seen kissing and taking a selfie at Taylor Swift'sEras Tour in Madrid.

Taylor Swift was in front of all the "swifties" while the couple and close friends of the singer were also singing along during the hit "Lover" at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. That proved to be meaningful for the couple as they were enjoying every part of the song.

In a fan page on Instagram, a video and photos from Reynolds and Lively are seen while she is smiling, and he is holding the phone up in the air surrounded by many fans. The couple kissed and then Lively danced along to Swift's song in the video posted.

In the Real Madrid stadium, the couple accompanied by their three daughters Betty, 4, Inez, 7, and James, 9, at the show, with the family being seen dancing together on a video posted on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter.

This was not the first concert they attended to in Madrid

Sources confirmed that both Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively were in the crowd before the videos were posted and everyone got excited once the news broke out. On Thursday it was Taylor Swift's second night in Madrid. The actor was also seen dancing while the actress was running around barefoot.

This was not the first concert that Blake Lively attended in Madrid. On Wednesday she and her daughter joined the Haim sisters for the first performance of Taylor Swift's shows.

During the show, Swift said that the children were on stage, saying, "I have to say that on Folklore, some of my favorite characters are named James, Inez and Betty," referencing the Folklore album track "Betty."

Lively and Reynolds, who married in 2012, also share another baby, whose name and sex have not been announced.

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