Cristiano Ronaldo wants to bring the Real Madrid model to Al Nassr: Hierro, Casemiro, Nacho...

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Cristiano Ronaldo wept disconsolately after losing the Saudi Cup in a penalty shootout against Al Hilal. His sporting ambition does not allow him to flirt with defeat, something he has experienced firsthand this season with Al Nassr.

Although his side have competed, they have not done enough to win any title, something that the Portuguese does not take well at all. As a result, the striker has gained even more credit within the club.

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Fernando Hierro, as MARCA announced, is set to be part of the sporting structure of a club that, although it has grown since the arrival of the former Ballon d'Or winner, still has a long way to go and for that the first thing is to provide the club with a powerful and strong backbone in the offices, a mission that the former sporting director of Chivas will have to carry out.

CR7's idea is to move part of what Real Madrid is to Riyadh and as he cannot take the Bernabeu or the president with him, he is looking to surround himself with his former teammates. The latest player he has requested is Nacho Fernandez, captain of Los Blancos whose future is not yet clear.

Casemiro is the other player who has been approached by CR7. He has had a tough season at Manchester United and could be keen on a change of scenery, and Al Nassr could be a good destination, next to his friend.

MLS unlikely

Nacho received the call from the striker in the last few days and although for weeks he had in his mind the idea of moving to the United States, in the end he has given up the adventure in the MLS.

Cristiano Ronaldo is not going to have it easy, but he believes that the Real Madrid route is the right one to get closer to victory or at least to close the gap on Al Hilal. The summer is going to be a long one and in the next few days the starting signal will be given for a new massive influx of stars. The Saudi government must give the go-ahead in the second week of June to start the carousel of arrivals.

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