Real Madrid dominate Barcelona 11-3

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Real Madrid has imposed a triumphant rhythm impossible for Barcelona to follow, which sees how the white team is slipping further and further away from them with each passing year.

We are only talking about titles and individual confrontations, leaving aside other comparisons such as institutional growth, financial muscle or sports planning, in which the difference has become abysmal.

After the last Champions League won by Real Madrid, the balance of titles is 11 for the white team and only three for Barcelona in the last five seasons.

Five years in which, in addition, the Azulgrana have only managed to lift one of the two great objectives of each season: LaLiga EA Sports or the Champions League.

Barcelona have won one league to Real Madrid's three and two Champions League titles since 19-20.

The Champions League, devastating

Real Madrid is running away from Barcelona in an unstoppable way and the rhythm of three titles per season of the last three years is being the definitive push to catch up with the Catalan team, unable to stop the triumphal march of its great rival.

The fact that the balance of titles has gone from 25-17 in favor of the Whites in the last 11 seasons to 11-3 in the last five says it all about Real Madrid's dominance over the Catalans.

But it is undoubtedly Europe that most clearly reflects the difference between Real Madrid and Barcelona in recent seasons. Real Madrid have not only won two Champions League titles, but have also shown a constant and successful trajectory, reaching, apart from the two titles, four semifinals since 19-20. Round of 16, semis, champions, semis and champions is Real Madrid's continental step since then.

Meanwhile, quarterfinals, round of 16, group stage, group stage and quarterfinals is Barcelona's poor performance in the same period of time, far from the title.

Dominance in the Clasicos

The same distance that is growing in terms of titles is also growing in terms of head-to-head encounters, where Real Madrid are currently in clear hegemony.

The 15 Clasicos played in the last five seasons in all competitions have resulted in 10 wins for Los Blancos, one draw and four wins for the Blaugrana.

A gap that, after the arrival of Kylian Mbappe to reinforce the Real Madrid sporting project, and with the white team opting for seven titles next season, could widen much more. And right now Barcelona sees Real Madrid very far away.

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