Real Madrid demand removal of anti-sexual harassment campaign where their shirt is shown

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Peruvian National Police launched a video campaign against sexual harassment where the harasser wears a Real Madrid shirt.

"If you are victim or witness of sexual harassment in public, report it to the closest police officer calling 105", peruvian police claims.

Controversial campaign against sexual harassment in Peru. The harasser wears a Real Madrid shirt

It generated a big conflict on social media platforms when users highlighted the presence of the Real Madrid shirt in the criminal.

Real Madrid already asked for the immediate removal of the video and the campaign supported.

In the video a man with a Real Madrid shirt gets on a public bus. The man rubs himself with the woman and is detained shortly after in front of the rest of the passengers and driver.

The controversial campaign is inspired in a true crime

On March 29th 2024, a sexual harasser detained by Peruvian National Police was wearing a Real Madrid shirt.

"No to harassment!

An individual was arrested for inappropriate touching of a young woman at the Gamarra station on Line 1 of the Lima Metro. The intervention was carried out by members of the Railway Safety Division" peruvian police informed.

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