Pogba's evil entourage: Admits his brother and childhood friends among his blackmailers

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The case of extortion and blackmail of Paul Pogba continues to generate headlines.

First came the threats made by his brother Mathias to the footballer, then came the reply from the Juventus player's lawyers, followed by the brother's allegation that Pogba resorted to witchcraft to injure Paris Saint Germain star Kylian Mbappe and finally the news that Paul Pogba was held by a gang and two gunmen who demanded 13 million euros from him.

Pogba ended up paying 98,915 euros of the 13m euros demanded by his extortionists

The French press reports that the gunmen first demanded 13 million euros and then demanded an immediate payment of 3 million euros. France Info reports that Paul Pogba, unable to withdraw the amount from the bank, ended up paying 98,915 euros.

Paul Pogba acknowledged his brother Mathias and childhood friends are a part of the gang

The Sun reports that Paul Pogba recognised that some childhood friends from his neighbourhood were a part of the gang that tried extorting him and assured the police that his brother Mathais was among the alleged conspirators.

In his interrogation by the police, the current Juventus player explained that he had always been very close to his childhood friends and that he had tried to help them with their financial difficulties.

Why did Paul Pogba fall out with his childhood friends?

Paul Pogba said it all went wrong when he had to evict one of those friends from his Manchester home.

The footballer discovered that he had spent 198,000 euros on one of his credit cards.

Mathias Pogba defends himself against his brother Paul's accusations with latest video

Mathias Pogba defends himself against his famous brother Paul's accusations by stating: "My little brother has lost track of reality for a long time", "Paul wants to destroy the family" and "Paul wants me dead or in prison".

In a video shared on his social networks Mathias Pogba defends himself by arguing that the sums of money collected by the entourage of the current Juventus player would be justified "by official and registered documents" and that it would therefore be a "consensual gesture".

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