Antonio Cassano lashes out at Mourinho: What he did was shameful

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Antonio Cassano has been highly critical of Jose Mourinho for accusing a Roma player, whose name he did not reveal, of being a traitor.

Mourinho, who currently manages Roma, recently came out and blasted one of his players, questioning his commitment and loyalty to the club.

"I am sorry because the effort of a team that played as a team was betrayed by a player with an unprofessional attitude," Mourinho said following a 1-1 draw against Sassuolo.

"I have spoken to him and invited him to leave the club in January, but I don't know what he will do in the end."

Who is the player who betrayed Mourinho?

In Italy, Rick Karsdorp has been identified as the player who betrayed Mourinho.

"Mourinho only has to do one thing, talk about what the team is doing," Cassano stated on the 'Minuto 90' program, following the Portuguese's comments.

"He never says what doesn't make the team play well, it's always someone else's fault.

"He's a coach and he's been doing nothing for a year and a half."

"What Mourinho did in the 'Karsdorp case' is ignoble, shameful.

"You can't say such appalling things about a guy who now can't even go out for breakfast.

"You have to talk to the players and that's it. He always blames others instead of thinking about his own game."

Cassano, who is 40 and retired from football in 2017, and spent his career playing for the likes of Bari, Real Madrid, Sampdoria, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Parma and Verona.

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