Pogba finally feels like a footballer again: He plays his first match after 297 days, reappearing with Juventus

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After the victory in the Derby della Mole against Torino, everyone at Juventus congratulated Paul Pogba. The Frenchman was finally making his debut in an official match this season. On February 28, he made his debut with 22 minutes on the clock. He came on at 2-2 and Juventus ended up beating Toro 4-2.

After 297 days, Pogba returned to the pitch to play for the Bianconeri. His last game? The first friendly of the summer against Chivas Guadalajara. Forty-one games away so far this season.

"All smiles tonight, glad to be back, thanks for the warm welcome," Pogba wrote on his Instagram after the match. The Allianz Stadium welcomed him with a standing ovation, forgetting the criticism for his poor contribution this season. The midfielder, who is paid 8 million euros plus bonuses and is the highest paid in Serie A, finally had his debut.

"He came on and did well, we are happy," commented a somewhat more cautious Massimiliano Allegri when talking about Pogba. After the victory, the Frenchman approached the Juventus curva to hand over his shirt and try to return the affection received.

Aims to be important

Pogba was joined by Federico Chiesa, who has been with the first team for months now. He is not 100 percent, but he is recovering his form. And like the Italian, who provided an assist for the 3-2 win, Pogba should be important.

So far, Allegri has opted for more experienced players in the middle (Locatelli, Rabiot, Paredes...) but also for young players from the youth academy: Fagioli, Miretti or Barrenechea, who made his debut yesterday as a starter. The Frenchman, if he is at 100 percent, should get a lot of minutes this season.

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