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The French defender is suddenly picking up suitors after getting back to a good level

Samuel Umtiti continues to surprise in Italy with his good performance and physical reliability after his injury ordeals.

The French centre-back is back to his best and a new horizon is opening up for both him and Barça, who could finally settle his future. Inter Milan are also interested in signing Umiti provided he is released, according to 'La Gazzetta dello Sport'. The Italians would be willing to take on his salary, lowered after his latest renewal at Barca.

Umtiti and Barça have not yet spoken about the future, but the French player's entourage is clear that he will not be part of Xavi Hernandez's plans for the next sporting project. Barça's intention is that he will no longer be loaned out, but will be offered a departure, to settle a contract that expires in June 2026. The Blaugrana would be happy to save his salary and even put in some future objectives in order to receive some financial compensation, something unthinkable a few months ago.

In Italy, both Inter Milan and Milan are considering signing him, seeing him as a clear market opportunity. Lecce have already communicated that they would like him to remain in the team, but they see it as very unlikely that the centre-back will continue unless Barça continue to pay a large part of his salary. Umtiti is very grateful to Lecce and has felt comfortable, but it is clear to him that he is facing a great opportunity to have minutes in a Champions League team and he will make the most of his chances.

In France there are also several teams that are following Umtiti's development with great attention. One of them is Olympique Lyon, who last summer ruled out signing him due to doubts about his physical condition. Lyon are looking to bring back players from their youth academy and Umtiti, now with more guarantees, will once again be an attractive player. For the moment, the player's entourage is listening and at the end of the season they will make a decision with Barça.

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