Barcelona's spending cap rises by almost €800m

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WHAT HAPPENED? La Liga has revealed its 20 clubs' spending limits for the 2022-23 season. Barca's financial belt has been loosened significantly compared to the previous campaign as a result of a host of revenue-raising initiatives in recent months.

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Barcelona's previous salary cap was -€144m, but this has now increased to €656m. They are behind only Madrid for having the most generous spending limits in the league.

AND WHAT'S MORE: Over the summer, president Joan Laporta repeatedly spoke of 'economic levers' that would aid the club's recovery. These included giving up 25% of their television rights for the next 25 years and selling a significant stake in Barca Studios.


Laporta's master plan seems to have worked...


WHAT NEXT FOR BARCELONA? On the pitch, Barcelona are next in action against Cadiz on Saturday evening, where new arrivals Hector Bellerin and Marcos Alonso are in line for starts.

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