Ansu Fati gets back to full fitness

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The 2022/23 season should be a defining one for Ansu Fati. Barcelona have high hopes for him.

Last season should have been the one in which, as the Catalans' new No.10, he stepped up and took on the role, but injuries once again got in his way. This year, at last, should be the year of his breakthrough.

Whenever he has been available, Ansu has performed well. He has shown that he is capable of being the player who can make the difference that Barcelona so desperately need.

The problem is that his availability has been very limited due to injuries. For example, last season he missed 35 games due to injury. The season before, 47.

This lack of availability has prevented him from becoming the star that everyone thinks he can and will be.

Aware of his situation and that good physical preparation can make the difference when it comes to not getting injured again, Ansu Fati has been working hard this summer and he has not stopped training despite the summer break.

He has put himself in the hands of physical trainer Raul Fernandez and has been seen working in his village alongside Benfica player Umaro Embalo. Ansu does not want to go through the same ordeal of the last few seasons and is doing everything he can to avoid it.

In addition, his idea is to join the pre-season from the first day, despite the fact that he has more time off for having gone on duty with the Spanish national team at the end of last season.

Then, Luis Enrique preferred to keep him in reserve despite the fact that the player was already fit enough to play a few minutes.

Who knows if that caution prevented a relapse? What is certain is that the pre-season starts in a few days and Ansu will arrive like a bull.

A strategic resource

For Barcelona, being able to count on Ansu again is great news. With the club's finances in the doldrums, to be able to have a player at their disposal that was already there but that they had not been able to use, is a joy.

It must be kept in mind that Barcelona have long been in need of a leap in quality up front.

They lack goals and that is something that Ansu guarantees. Moreover, the youngster is a multi-purpose player and can play all across the front line. Bringing him back can make the difference.

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