15,324 fans attend Camp Nou session as Barça fans go wild for Gavi

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Barcelona held their annual open door training session on Monday

Barcelona fans have already chosen a new idol. For the present and, above all, for the future, Gavi is the new star, at least for the youngest supporters at Monday's open training session at Camp Nou

The session is organised by the club every year around these dates and it has a charitable purpose because the total amount raised will go to the benefit of the Robots Project of the Pediatric Emotional Well-being Program of the FC Barcelona Foundation.

In total, 15,324 people came to Camp Nou for the open door session.

The session was scheduled for 11am in the morning but by 10am, when the gates opened, thousands of fans were already queuing up to be among the first to enter. The disappointing draw in the derby at the weekend against Espanyol did not prevent people from losing the illusion of seeing their idols live. There were many parents who wanted to accompany their children to Camp Nou.

Already at the gates, some of them assured SPORT that this new year they are asking for a trophy, notably LaLiga. And, of course, thinking more about the future, to win another Champions League -- because, for now, the team has to play the Europa League again.

The madness for Gavi began at the gates of the stadium. A couple of girls had problems with security because they wanted to enter with an almost life-size cardboard Gavi wearing the Spain shirt. After insisting, they were finally able to get it in and immediately they put a Barça shirt on him.

There was also a banner in which a girl offered to exchange Eric Garcia's shirt for her sister. A fun way to bring an end to the classic fights between sisters. In the warm-up, Gavi was the most acclaimed player and the trend continued in the five-on-five matches that Xavi and his coaching staff organised so that the training session had rhythm but at the same time was interesting for the fans.

The session did not last too long because the players had to shower because another traditional activity awaits them: the visit to different hospitals. They are the following: Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, Hospital Vall d'Hebron, Hospital de Sant Pau, Hospital de Barcelona, Hospital HM Nens de Barcelona, Hospital Universitari Germans Trias i Pujol (Can Ruti), Hospital Parc Taulí de Sabadell, Cottolengo Padre Alegre and Casa Ronald McDonald.

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