Espanyol disputes Lewandowski's eligibility for Barcelona in the the derby

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Espanyol has filed a written appeal with the Royal Spanish Football Federation to dispute the recent derby between the club and Barcelona on December 31, 2022. Espanyol believe that Robert Lewandowski was improperly fielded by the Blaugrana.

The Polish no.9, who was suspended for three matches, played that match by virtue of the precautionary suspension of his punishment granted by a Madrid court.

Espanyol maintains that the no.9 should not have played in that match and this was made known to Mateu Lahoz in the run-up to the match.

"Before the start of the match, the club warned in good faith both the referee of the match, Mr. Mateu Lahoz, and the RFEF about the presence in the opponent's XI of Robert Lewandowski, who should have been suspended after his expulsion for a double yellow card in the previous round of the national championship," Espanyol explained in a statement.

Espanyol, who drew that game with a bizarre late penalty, will push forward with their complaint.

"Espanyol, as announced on the eve of the match, will use all the resources at its disposal to defend its interests and those of our fans, aware that this flagrant injustice jeopardizes the essence of our competition and that this injustice is based on a hasty resolution with obvious legal shortcomings," the club explained.

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