Not Haaland, nor Lewandowski: This Japanese player has the best scoring rate in Europe's top five leagues

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Japan were the first of the 32 teams to announce their World Cup squad and Daichi Kamada stands out in it.

Placed in Group E alongside Spain, Germany and Costa Rica, Kamada said it's a dream come true to play in the World Cup and added he's confident of making his mark.

And for good reason, as the Eintracht Frankfurt playmaker arrives at Qatar 2022 in the best form of his career, with 12 goals and three assists in 20 games this season.

Kamada has played a key role in Eintracht reaching the last 16 of the Champions League for the first time in their history, given that he scored in three matches in a row: against Tottenham (3-2), Marseille (2-1) and Sporting CP (1-2).

Daichi Kamada's goalscoring efficiency

What is surprising, above all, is his efficiency. Kamada (38.7 percent) has the best scoring ratio in the major leagues, ahead even of killers like Erling Haaland (33.9 percent) or Robert Lewandowski (25.6 percent).

"Now I'm confident in scoring goals when the opportunity presents itself," Kamada said.

Daichi Kamada is a free agent in 2023

Kamada's emergence coincides with the end of his contract with Eintracht in 2023.

Several European giants have been knocking on his door, including Sevilla, but Eintracht are reluctant to lose him.

It was rumoured he would leave Frankfurt for a bigger club in the recent summer transfer window, but he stayed put to the relief of head coach Oliver Glasner.

"I was very relieved that Daichi Kamada committed himself to us," Glasner said.

"This is a very important sign to achieve our ambitious goals and that we keep our key players here."

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