'I like it when Pep shouts at me' - Erling Haaland strikes explains why he enjoys Guardiola's Man City rants

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WHAT HAPPENED? The Spanish manager publicly berated Haaland as the half-time whistle blew during a Premier League fixture against Burnley earlier this campaign. The cameras followed the duo and the manager was seen remonstrating with the star striker as they walked towards the tunnel.

Haaland lifted the lid on Guardiola's approach after he won the UEFA Men's Player of the Year award on Thursday after a record-breaking season that saw him score 52 goals.

WHAT THEY SAID: When quizzed about who was scarier between Guardiola and his father Alf-Inge Haaland the striker said: "Good question, sometimes Pep is a bit scary, I have to say. But my father can also be a bit scary. But anyways this is something I like, I like it when Pep shouts at me because he tries to get something in my brain that he doesn't think I have. So I like it, I'm not complaining at all, he just wants to make me a better footballer so I'm not complaining at all."

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THE BIGGER PICTURE: Guardiola, who was awarded the UEFA Men's Coach of the Year, is known for being animated on the sidelines and sometimes his eagerness to rectify the faults in his team and players goes overboard. Nonetheless, his methods have yielded results over the years and he can now boast about winning the treble twice in his career with two different teams, Barcelona and Manchester City, a rare feat in football.


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WHAT NEXT? Haaland will be back in action on Saturday against Fulham in a Premier League fixture at home.

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Who will win the Premier League title this season?

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