Real Madrid was Cristiano Ronaldo's hopeless dream

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In February 2018, Cristiano Ronaldo launched an attack that did not go as he thought it would, far from it. The Portuguese was under his contract as a Real Madrid player that day, but what he was not aware of was that nothing would ever be the same again. The successes he had enjoyed with the club, both individual and collective, were not going to return. He was not aware of that.

Time has passed and the Portuguese striker had dreams of returning to Madrid, something that the club had no plans to accommodate. The Cristiano chapter was closed at that time (February 2018) and no one around Valdebebas has thought of reopening a closed door. Dreams are dreams, even for Cristiano.

In recent days the rumor of a possible return of Cristiano Ronaldo was triggered by his training at the club's facilities. There was even talk from England of a lower offer, with the Portuguese taking on a lesser role in the team, something unthinkable for the striker's character.

He wanted to return to the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu. But the reality is that soccer has distanced him from the elite, as evidenced by his signing with Saudi Arabian club Al Nassr, which was formalized in a two-and-a-half-year contract on Friday afternoon.

Farewell to Juve

After his messy departure from Juventus in 2021 and coinciding with the arrival of Carlo Ancelotti at Real Madrid, he saw a time to mark a return to the past, once the relationship with Real Madrid had normalized. He ended up signing for Manchester United in a return to the past that has not ended well at all, as became clear in the middle of the 2022 World Cup with the termination of his contract.

The club made a strategic decision some time ago to turn its back on personal interests and put the club and the dressing room first, leaving Cristiano with no place, no matter how much he was obsessed by the idea of returning to Valdebebas.

In Madrid he has a home and, for personal matters, it is a recurring destination since he left Real Madrid. In the last two years he has let himself be loved, but not all love is reciprocated, as the Madeira native has proven.

The relationship with his former teammates has not been cordial. Few mourned his departure and his subsequent absence.

In any case, Carlo Ancelotti made it clear again last Thursday: "We do not need reinforcements in the winter market," the Italian said.

Now, Cristiano Ronaldo is an Al Nassr player. That is his current reality.

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