Stefon Diggs joins in on chorus of cheers for Vinicius J. and Real Madrid's Champions League win

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Stefon Diggs recently showcased his admiration for soccer, congratulating his friend, Vinicius Jr., after Real Madrid's remarkable victory in the Champions League.

The NFL wide receiver, now with the Houston Texans following an offseason trade, took to Instagram to celebrate Madrid's stunning 2-0 win over Borussia Dortmund at Wembley Stadium.

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Game recognize game: Diggs is a big fan of Vinicius Jr.

Real Madrid's triumph marked a record-breaking 15th UEFA Champions League title, with Vinicius Jr. playing a pivotal role.

The Brazilian forward delivered a stellar performance, particularly in the second half, guiding his team to the historic win.

Diggs shared his excitement with multiple fire emojis on his Instagram story, expressing his support for Vinicius Jr. and his team.

Vinicius Jr., basking in the glory of his latest achievement, posted a jubilant message captioned "CAMPEONESSSS!!!" on his social media.

The 23-year-old forward's post featured a celebratory image holding the European Champion Clubs' Cup, further cementing his status as one of the tournament's elite performers.

His exuberant smile reflected the joy and pride of contributing significantly to his team's success.

This public display of support from Diggs highlights the growing camaraderie between stars of the NFL and global soccer icons.

The connection is not new; Vinicius Jr. has received praise from other NFL stars, including his close friend Justin Jefferson of the Minnesota Vikings.

Their mutual respect and support have been well-documented, especially when Jefferson donated to the Vini Jr. Institute, showcasing the strong bond that transcends their respective sports.

Real Madrid's recent victories have drawn attention from sports figures worldwide.

NFL legend Tom Brady previously expressed his admiration for the team's performance at the Laureus Gala award ceremony following Madrid's win over Barcelona.

Brady's remarks about the incredible atmosphere and quality of play echoed the sentiments of many fans who have followed the club's journey.

Stefon Diggs looking to shine with Texans

Stefon Diggs' move to the Houston Texans has sparked discussions among NFL fans and analysts.

While some believe Diggs' speed may have declined, his role as a savvy route-runner remains crucial for the team.

ESPN's Jeremy Fowler highlighted that the Texans are optimistic about their receiver lineup, with Diggs expected to excel in intermediate routes, complemented by the deep-threat capabilities of Tank Dell and Nico Collins.

Texans quarterback, C.J. Stroud, is expecting a top-performing season for Diggs.

Recently, the young talent commented on Diggs' arrival and the value that he brings to the team:

"[Diggs] adds a ton of value to that room. There's a lot of wisdom that he carries that I think he'll spread to the other guys. He's been reaching out to really everybody, and I think that whole room in general is going to be great.

"I think we're all going to feed off of each other."

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