Bellerin: Dehumanised footballers should pay the most taxes!

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WHAT HAPPENED? The Barcelona right-back has earned a reputation for being one of the most self-aware and responsible players in the game in the last several years for his activism and political opinions away from the pitch. Bellerin has continued to fly that flag now based in Barcelona, discussing the privilege and responsibilities of footballers in a new interview.

WHAT HE SAID: Speaking to Catalan newspaper Ara, Bellerin provided strong opinions: "Footballers are the people who should pay the most taxes. I come from a family where there were months when we had to do the impossible to be able to eat. I continue to live with people like that, with friends, friends of the family. Everyone wants to earn money to be more comfortable, but with what I earn I think you have to think not only about your environment, but also about society, where there are very precarious situations."

He continued: "We footballers are in a very privileged position. We have worked hard and made many sacrifices, but we must be aware of what we have, where we come from and we should be the first to want to help the stability of our society. However, I understand that there are colleagues who think differently. We footballers are dehumanised, [living] in a bubble."

THE BIGGER PICTURE: It hasn't all gone to plan on the pitch for Bellerin since he returned to boyhood club Barcelona in the summer after leaving Arsenal, but he wasn't afraid to comment on the specifics of the move: "I signed with Barça for 500,000 euros. Nowadays what worries me is playing football at the highest level.

"I am lucky that I have been doing this for many years and I am in a financially comfortable situation that allows me to enjoy the that I want. In the end, we don't need as much as we think and I live a very normal life. My priorities are not based on a financial issue."


WHAT NEXT FOR BELLERIN? Regardless of where he moves next, with his contract at Barca set to expire in the summer, there is no doubt that Bellerin - a shareholder in sustainable English outfit Forest Green Rovers - will continue to speak out on important political matters.

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