Vinicius did not start Madrid derby due to a cervical issue during warmup

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Injuries continue to haunt Real Madrid, even during the pregame warmup. Los Blancos confirmed the absence of Antonio Rudiger prior to the derby against Atletico Madrid, and during the warmup session, Vinicius Junior was sidelined due to physical issues. This unexpected setback forced Brahim Diaz to hurriedly prepare, stepping directly into the starting XI.

Despite Vinicius' injury, the rest of Real Madrid's lineup remained unchanged, with Rodrygo taking over the left flank and Brahim assuming duties on the right.


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Confusion engulfed the moments leading up to the match. Initially, Vinicius was absent from the warmup, with Joselu seen intensively preparing instead.

Then, there was a mix-up over the loudspeaker announcement, initially declaring Vinicius in the starting lineup, only to correct it later to Joselu.

However, when the players took the field, neither Vinicius nor Joselu appeared. It was Brahim! The last-minute decision by the Italian coach switched the plan from Joselu to Brahim.

Struggling with injuries this season

Vinicius is struggling with a cervical issues, receiving treatment as he retreated to the dressing room. However, his participation in the match remains uncertain, contingent upon his recovery and comfort level during play. Should he be unable to participate, it would mark his third injury of the season.

This season has been unkind to the striker, who had previously enjoyed relatively few muscular injuries in his first five years. This latest setback comes just a week before a crucial match against second-placed Girona and nine days before the Champions League first leg against RB Leipzig.

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