New 2021-22 football kits: Barcelona, Man Utd & all the top clubs' shirts & jerseys revealed

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Football fashion is an industry in itself and every season clubs across the world get in on the action by releasing a whole new set of kits for the campaign.

Manufacturers such as Nike, adidas, Puma and more are all in competition to produce the best looking kits each year, meaning there is always some sort of innovation.

Some brands have delved into the past for retro inspiration, while others tend to stick with a more modern vibe.

So, what will the top teams be wearing in 2021-22? Goal brings you all the details of confirmed kits, rumours and leaks.


AC Milan's partnership with Puma continues in 2021-22 and there is a lot more red on the rossoneri this season compared to last. A thick black stripe runs down the middle of the chest on the jersey, with two thinner stripes either side of it. Framing the torso is another even thinner black stripe. The v-neck collar is red, with the Puma logo and sponsor text popping out white.

AC Milan will wear a light gold away kit in 2021-22, complemented by red flourishes on the shoulders and cuffs as well as sponsor logo, with black used for the Puma logo.

— PUMA Football (@pumafootball)

Ajax have brought back a classic club logo for the 2021-22 season and they will also nod to the past by playing without player names on their jerseys - in the Eredivisie at least. In European competition they will have to comply with UEFA's regulations. As well as the classic red and white, the new home jersey features silver adidas stripes across the shoulders.

— AFC Ajax (@AFCAjax)

Ajax will wear a bold blue and black striped jersey as their away outfit in 2021-22, leaving behind the grey-white colourway. A turquoise-teal colour will adorn the badge and logos, as well as the adidas stripes and they border the black stripes, helping them to pop.

Arsenal's home kit for 2021-22 sees the return of navy as part of the colourway, complementing the classic red and white. The adidas strips and sleeve cuffs are a collegiate navy, with a darker red used as well. While it was part of the style briefly from 2012 to 2014, the navy motifs on the home kit are most commonly associated with the successful Gunners teams of the late 1990s.

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After their marbled away kit effort last season, Arsenal will once again tog out in yellow away from home in 2021-22. Strikingly, the Gunners badge will simply be the classic club cannon, with the tagline being, "inspired by the past, ready for the future". The inspiration is, of course, from the kit worn by the 1970-71 double-winning team and that is evident with the navy blue trim on the collar. Blue also forms part the cuff colouring along with red.

The striking new design includes a lightning bolt theme with a combination of "mystery blue" and pale blue colouring, while the adidas logo is written in white and the brand's signature stripes are shown in a striking bright red.

As with the Gunners' home and away jerseys, the 'Arsenal for Everyone' logo is featured in the inside collar as a celebration of diversity, and the kit has been manufactured with adidas' latest cooling technology to provide extra comfort for the players on the pitch.

Nike's Atletico Madrid home kit for 2021-22 features thicker red stripes, with the two on the front intended to represent an 'A'. The home jersey this season is a reimagining of Atletico's first red and white kit design on the 75th anniversary of the club's name change from Club Atletico-Aviacon.

Atletico Madrid's away kit for 2021-22 is inspired by the kit the club wore during their double-winning season of 1995-96. Predominantly navy in colour, a red hand-drawn design features at the bottom of the torso and continues onto the shorts. The club badge and Nike 'Swoosh' logo are also red.

The 2021-22 Barcelona home kit was launched on June 15. The home shirt features the signature red and blue stripes and is inspired by the club crest, with sponsors Rakuten on the front. A new addition is the design of St George Cross on the front level with the crest, and the Senyera (the striped Catalan flag). It was available for purchase starting June 16.

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FC Barcelona away kit for the 2021/22 season is designed to promote women’s empowerment, coming in a light shade of purple, with the fusion of blue and red representing the ongoing fight for gender equality. The new jersey still sports the traditional Barca stripes on both sides, and the club logo has an iridescent effect, with numbers and the name at the back also highlighted in purple.

Barca have also reinforced their commitment to women’s sports by adapting the originally masculine phrase of the club anthem ‘Tots units fem
força’ (United we are strong) and stamping the feminine version on the side of the jersey.

Barca claim their latest offering is "a representation of neighbourhoods reimagined by talented young artists. In addition to this innovatively ground-breaking design, this strip is also special in that it will be exclusively worn by the men's and women's teams in Champions League matches".

Bayern Munich's home kit for 2021-22 is a deep red colour with a lighter shade of red on the downward chevrons feature on the torso. Classic white adidas stripes adorn the shoulders, with white also completing the cuffs.

Bayern Munich's away kit for 2021-22 is heavily inspired by the city of Munich. With a colourway of black and gold, the design includes a miniature emblem of the Muenchner Kindl - the Child of Munich, which has been a symbol of the Bavarian city since the 13th century - on the nape of the jersey.

The base colour is black and all other motifs - club badge, sponsor's logo, manufacturer's insignia - are gold. Three golden stripes top the shoulders and there are a series of white dots on one side of the torso.

Unveiled on the last day of the 2020-21 season, Borussia Dortmund's new home kit for 2021-22 by Puma features a fresh design, with black stripes on the sleeves giving the jersey a modern feel. The rest of the kit is classic in style, with the iconic yellow and black enduring. Like a lot of new kits these days, the fabric is produced from recycled plastic, meaning there is also a 'green' undertone!

Borussia Dortmund will line out in a chevron design away shirt in 2021, with a black background augmented by steel grey to give a slick shimmering look. The kit is completed by black shorts and socks. Classic yellow persists in the away kit though, appearing on the club badge and Puma logo, while the sponsor logo is white on black.

Celtic's home kit for 2021-22 sees the return of the unbroken green hoops on the torso, while adidas' famous three stripes remain on the shoulders.

Having worn a light green last season as their away colour, Celtic have gone back to a darker shade of green, complemented by a golden adidas stripes and logos. The club crest on the logo has been replaced by a large golden four-leaf clover in a nod to the past.

Chelsea's home kit for 2021-22 is blue (of course), but in a departure from the solid style of last season it features a bold kaleidoscopic design on the jersey, which continues onto the shorts. Yellow is set against the blue in the Nike 'swoosh' and jersey trim, as well as the 'CFC' knitted into the neck.

Made from recycled polyester fabric, it was first worn on May 15 and Blues star Mason Mount is convinced that the new look will be a hit with supporters, saying: "This jersey is the most eye-catching yet and is so unique from the others I’ve worn."

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Chelsea will wear a yellow and black away kit during the 2021-22 season. The base of the jersey is solid yellow and thin black line cross the torso horizontally.

Chelsea's third kit features a green, black and orange colourway, with Nike adopting a bold green and black print pattern with orange accents.

The Nike 'Swoosh', club badge and sponsors logos are all orange imposed onto the vibrant background.

According to Nike, the third kit is intended to be reflective of a modern style, in contrast to the home kit, which is inspired by retro designs.

Inter have released their new home shirt for the 2021-22 season, celebrating the club's new visual identity. The jersey is the first to feature the new crest, while it also contains a special commemorative patch after the Nerazzurri clinched their 19th Serie A title back in May.

The serpent theme has also been adopted on Inter's away kit for 2021-22, with a blue and black reptile coiling around the jersey on a white background. The iconic Nike 'Swoosh' symbol is blue and pops against the white base while a subtle nerazzurri trim borders the sleeves.

— Inter

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